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Why we need the new user-friendly tourist registration?

1 - To ensure tourists get booking from a licensed accommodation that adheres to the Department of Tourism (DOT) standards.
2 - To gather data to be used to leverage projects from the national government for the benefit of the tourists.


Hotel / Resort Booking Confirmation

Exempted are guests of Puerto Galera residents and day tour tourists, which don't need any booking but are still required to register using the online registration.


Online Registration

Our all new online registration can be completed in seconds and it doesn't require any document uploads.

A Word from the Mayor

Introducing Puerto Galera's New Tourism Website

Welcome to Puerto Galera's brand-new tourism website!

As part of our municipality's tourism revitalization program, we're excited to launch this comprehensive resource that showcases the beauty, culture, and history of Puerto Galera.

Our website has just started, but we're continuously working to add more information and resources to make it the ultimate guide to Puerto Galera. Whether you're looking for the best beaches, the most thrilling activities, or the tastiest local or international cuisine, our website will be the perfect starting point for planning your trip.

We're committed to promoting sustainable and responsible tourism, and our website will include valuable tips and advice to help you make the most of your visit while minimizing your impact on the environment. We will also provide information on local initiatives and organizations that are working to protect our natural resources and support our community.

We encourage you to check back often, as we'll be adding new features, resources, and updates regularly. Thank you for visiting our website, and we look forward to welcoming you to Puerto Galera soon!

Hon. Rocky D. Ilagan
Municipal Mayor

We care about our tourism economy

Four Pillar Campaign

The Municipal Government and the Business Sector are teaming up to help Puerto Galera's tourism industry bounce back from the pandemic with the slogan "Tara sa Galera, Amazing ang Saya." The campaign rests on four pillars, including reviving summer festivities and beautifying White Beach, reinforcing the tourism value of the municipality's international accolades, rebranding Sabang as the dive and culinary destination of MIMAROPA and Reliving the Past, Embracing the Future at the Muelle Cultural Heritage Park. The initiatives aim to attract both local and foreign tourists, showcasing Puerto Galera's natural beauty, cultural heritage, and diverse offerings.



Re-animating the Summer Festivities and Beautification of White Beach

It's great to see Puerto Galera coming back to life after the pandemic, with the revival of music and summer festivities. The new White Beach boasts clean, white sand and a range of water sports activities. Visitors can also enjoy souvenir sand castles and a newly landscaped boardwalk featuring shady palm trees. These developments aim to enhance the overall experience for tourists and showcase Puerto Galera's natural beauty.



Reinforcing the tourism value of the Puerto Galera International Accolades

Puerto Galera has received several prestigious awards and recognition, including being the first UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reservation in Southeast Asia, the first World Most Beautiful Bays award, and recognition for the Verde Island Passage as the Center of Marine Shore Fish Biodiversity in the world. These distinctions make Puerto Galera one of the top tourist destinations in the Philippines. The municipality and its people take pride in these accomplishments and strive to continue promoting and preserving Puerto Galera's natural beauty and unique cultural heritage.



Re-branding of Sabang as the Dive and Culinary Destination of MIMAROPA

Aside from being, arguably, as the diving capital of the Philippines owing to its spectacular, diverse, colorful marine life, a short distance away from numerous dive schools and dive resorts – Puerto Galea is evolving as one of the top culinary destinations in the region. Sabang has restaurants specializing in International cuisines, most notably, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Chinese, German, Italian, French and Filipino dishes.



Reliving the Past, Embracing the Future at the Muelle Cultural Heritage Park

Puerto Galera’s rich historical and cultural heritage will be exhibited at the new Muelle Cultural Heritage Park with 2 replicas of the Galleon, old authentic Spanish cannons, and other Instagramable memorabilia. Various Mangyan handicrafts and ethnic souvenirs shall be on display to promote and celebrate the unique cultural identity of the indigenous tribal communities. The amphitheater shall be a venue for sports and health activities, music and arts festivals, and special events that bring the community together.

We care about your happiness

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Amazing Culture
Amazing Diving
Amazing Beaches
Amazing Activities
Explore Puerto Galera's wonders! Plan your dream trip today.

Discover Puerto Galera's endless adventure!

Exceeding Expectations

Puerto Galera offers a wide range of accommodation establishments, most of which are accredited by the Department of Tourism. From simple beach huts to hotel rooms, lodging houses, dive resorts, and luxury villas, Puerto Galera caters to all types of tourists. The accreditation ensures quality service and adherence to international tourism standards.

Ridge-to-Reef experience

Puerto Galera is a complete tourist paradise with its diverse range of tours and activities. Visitors can experience everything from thrilling water sports to peaceful nature walks and cultural tours. It's no wonder why the island is a popular destination for tourists from all around the world. Water, certainly, is the main attraction with activities to explore its famed undersea world teeming with a myriad of marine species.

Music, Magic, Memories

Puerto Galera is the favorite venue for music and arts festivals, including the world-acclaimed Malasimbo Festival. During long weekends and special holidays, expect fun-filled events, including sports competitions, concerts, and food fairs. White Beach and Sabang have exciting night entertainment, including, discos, live bands, fire-dancing, and comedy bars.

Extreme Sports

Visiting Extreme Sports Philippines is a must-do thing while in Puerto Galera. The Adventure Park is a one-stop shop for adrenaline junkies whether they are into target shooting, team sports, and motorsports activities, Extreme has it all. Whether you come alone or in a group, the friendly staff shall ensure everyone has a day to remember at Extreme Sports Philippines.

History of Puerto Galera

It is said that Puerto Galera was discovered by the Spaniards in the early 16th century. They found it to be a haven for their trade ships during heavy squalls and typhoons, hence the name "Puerto De Galera," which means "Port of Galleons" in Spanish.

Founded in 1574 as the capital of Mindoro, Puerto Galera is one of the oldest settlements of religious missionaries in the island. Originally located at Lagundian, now a place called Minolo, the town had to be relocated to its present site due to frequent Moro raids. It was then named Puerto Galera. Spanish galleons traveling from Mexico and Spain sought refuge in Puerto Galera during stormy weather before proceeding to Manila. In 1837, the seat of government was transferred to Calapan.

Guarding the coast of Puerto Galera was a Spanish warship, the El Cañonero de Mariveles, which sank during a powerful storm on November 18, 1879. A commemorative cross was erected in Muelle as a tribute.

During the overthrow of the Spanish government in Mindoro from 1898 to 1900, revolutionaries from Puerto Galera played an active role under the leadership of brothers Miguel and Estanislao Cobarrubias Sr. In the American occupation, Captain Robert Offley was appointed as the military governor on November 2, 1902, and Puerto Galera once again became the capital of the province until 1903. Finally, on December 7, 1927, the municipality of Puerto Galera was officially created through the passing of Act 3415 by the Philippine Congress.

Today, the picturesque Puerto Galera stands as the center of tourism in the province.